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导读:   据了解,该项目由新加坡“全球区块链新项目粉丝系统”实验室研发,预计将于2020年5月18日上线,打造全球最大的粉丝引流平台。  项目中文名称:全球区块链创新粉



  项目英文全称:Global Blockchain Innovation Fan System


















  Recruitment node of "global blockchain innovation fan system" in 2020

  The project is developed by the "global blockchain new project fan system" laboratory in Singapore, and is expected to go online on May 18, 2020 to build the world's largest fan drainage platform.

  In order to recruit enough basic fans before the project goes online, we are now recruiting 1350 nodes around the world.

  Project Overview:

  For all projects, only fans can have traffic, and relevant currencies can be spread, circulated, held and applied in a wide range of fans, so fans are the key.

  As a global blockchain fan platform and blockchain project drainage platform in the future, it has unlimited value in the future. Our vision is: GBIFS will become a wealth home for all high-quality projects and currency fans!

  On this platform, the high-quality currency approved by us can go online, and our platform can take out some candy and sprinkle it to all fans, benefiting the project and fans, and promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry.

  All projects launched and announced on the platform must have more than 30000 effective fans before going online to the exchange, so as to ensure the activity and price stability of the project after going online to the exchange, and help the sustainable development of the project and create excellent value currency.

  GBIFS [41] will attract a large number of fans by robbing high-quality blockchain project sweets free of charge, and promote direct push reward and total activity reward under umbrella. It can take 50% of the sweets from the first layer, 8% of the total activity of the whole network, and 2% of the average (it is required to directly push 10 effective fans).

  Node recruitment method:

  In order to benefit the fans in the currency circle and to recruit the first batch of basic fans to the maximum extent, we do not have high requirements for the amount of funds to be recruited from the nodes. The specific scheme is as follows:

  50 senior nodes, 1000u per person (community leader is required, and the number of community members exceeds 600)

  300 central nodes are recruited, and each of them is limited to 200usdt (after u-transfer, forward to friends circle as required);

  Recruit 1000 basic nodes, 100usdt per person (it is required to have more than 200 high-quality coin circle communities and send out friends circle as required)!

  USDT ADDRESS:0x1B7b6A35548A17628DBa4D9268d7882579FaA0BD

  Expected revenue:

  1. GBIFS platform will allocate 5% of the overall profit to intermediate nodes and 5% to basic nodes;

  2. GBIFS will directly require the project party to take out 5% of the candy and distribute it to the intermediate node and 5% to the basic node when the high-quality project of each phase goes online. The specific allocation method and time will be paid in batches without affecting the normal operation of the project and the sharp fluctuation of currency price; 3. Give priority to the promotion of high-quality project online platform recommended by online nodes;

  Today, a large blockchain platform will soon go online, which is our most reliable opportunity in the field of blockchain!

  It's worth buying a bright future with a small amount of money!

  All colleagues of GBIFS laboratory technology research and development team warmly welcome the fans of currency circle to join us! We will become the most intimate comrades in arms.

  We are looking forward to meeting you at the GBIFS global node conference held in Hong Kong, China in May!

  Let's cheer up!